As a manufacturer of gabions we use of welding technology, which meets all standards for protection against corrosion and mechanical damage.

Gabion products can enhance edges, embankments or slopes. They usually have the form of a cuboid made of rods and steel mesh. In the middle they are filled with rocks or gravels.


Gabions, thanks that its simple structure are very popular in the system construction for infrastructural projects. It was used mainly for the construction of retaining walls, slopes and embankments security and to strengthen the banks. Thanks to the connections on the spring assembly that does not require a lot of experience in performing. An additional advantage is the possibility of Gabion to match the uneven areas through graduation.

We also facades and fences Gabion, which are durable and resistant to damage.

In our offer we also have all the dimensions, machine-made baskets twisted hexagonal mesh in galvanic coating thickness of the zinc, zinc-aluminum (galfan, crapal, Bezinal) and with additional PVC coating resistant to UV rays, as well as stainless steel.

Forming and joining baskets offer modern system of high-performance pneumatic staplers and staples type “C” wire of 3.0 mm.

Welded gabions

Gabion is a rigid baskets made of welded mesh of interconnected spiral or clips which when folded creates a lump in the shape of a cube.

Gabion systems combine aesthetics with high strength, thanks to innovative solutions and high quality materials. A wide range of sizes, shapes and types of filling makes this product irreplaceable material shaping the architecture of each type.

The use of gabions

Gabions are successfully used in civil engineering, to reinforce the banks of rivers, canals and water reservoirs and in the construction industry, as walls, retaining walls and acoustic screens. They can also be used to design eye-catching landscaping (as elements of buildings, gardens, monuments and pillars)

Gabions twisted with double weave security

Gabions are rectangular bins occurring in different sizes depending on the requirements of construction projects. To make them use a grid hexagonal mesh of wires joined by twisting.  It is produced from coarsely galvanized wires or zinc wires (CRAPAL, Bezinal). In order to enhance corrosion, resistance material can be used in PVC.

Gabion mattresses for the construction of cladding are made of mesh, wire cladding or staples. Spacing partitions should not be greater than 1 m.

We can make baskets and mattresses with unusual dimensions.

The finished product is delivered to the building in the form of complex, where it if followed by its mounting and filling with suitable material.


Parameters for Gabion basket:

The height of a single gabion basket from 200mm to 2000mm

The length of a single gabion basket from 200mm to 3000mm

Mesh size: Any

The wire diameter is 2 to 5mm

Spirals switching

Hooks Fixation

All Gabion baskets are hot dip galvanized according to standards EN-ISO 1491

Gabions are made in any size for customer.

Welded mesh


Welded mesh is a product made of round wire, welded at the point of contact. This product is rigid, high-clearance and relatively low weight per 1 m2.

It is possible to produce square mesh, rectangular or combined according to individual customer needs. Welded mesh are easy to handle and can easily be combined with other materials. As a result, they have many uses. They can be combined with wood, steel angle bars and profiles of closed and open.

Welded mesh steel and galvanized:

  • In construction: guards, septum, ceilings, boxes, wall partitions, railings
  • In industry: bars, shields, protective barriers, machine parts and equipment, containers

Production possibilities

  • Length: up to 3000mm
  • Width: up to 2500mm
  • Applicable wire: round steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and ribbed wire diameter range: Ø 2,0mm ÷ 6,0mm
  • The system mesh: square, rectangular, and in any order

Panel fences


Standard fencing panels are made of steel rods welded spot diameter Ø 4,0mm and Ø 5,0mm with mesh 50x200mm. Each panel has a 2 or 4 stiffening ribbing running through its entire length. The width of the panels is standard and is 2500 mm up to 2600mm. We also mesh panels Light of 80x240mm. The fencing panels are installed on the system quickly mounting pillars spaced at 2500mm.

Columns are made of rectangular shaped paramedics 60 x 40 mm, with a cap covering, clamps or mounting hooks. It is entirely protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing + polyester powder coating.


The use of fencing panel Fencing:

  • Family houses
  • Gardens and parks
  • Residential homes
  • Companies, workshops and warehouses
  • Playgrounds and sports fields

Regardless of the object, what you intend to fence, when choosing a panel system it’ is worth to pay attention to such features as:

  • durability and rigidity of the system components
  • coating quality
  • complete system
  • easy installation
  • available range of colors and shapes

Woven mesh


We offer wire mesh with a mesh of square and rectangular

They have many uses, among others:

– chemical and pharmaceutical

– air conditioning systems

– sanitation

– agriculture

– plastic processing

– building

The design of the fabric L – plain weave K – twill weave

Parameters [mm] – width. 500-1500 debt. Any

Raw material – plain steel wire, galvanized, brass, chromium-nickel, Plastics

Wire diameter [mm] – 0.06 – 1.2

The mesh size [mm] 0,10×0,10 – 10:10

Application – filters and strainers Laboratory


Moreover, the company KOBED Sp. o.o. provides services in the following areas:


– Road construction

– Construction sites

– The construction of car parks

– Pavements construction

– Construction of road culverts

– Storm sewer construction

– Formation, preservation and strengthening of slopes and embankments

– Complex of earthworks

– Finishing works

– Repairs of hydraulic structures

– Design

– Elevations Gabion

– Gabion protection and fascines

The company’s offer includes rental service of machines for the production of welded gabions.

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